Try This New Coin Vanish

When your fellow club members are vanishing This and vanishing That, suddenly pop this one in front of their eyes! It doesn't follow any of the usual methods. But practice it first so that you do it quite effortlessly.

Lay a penny or half-crown in the palm of the right hand in such a position that it is not coverd by the fingers when the fist is clenched. When the fist is clenched, push the ball of the thumb forward, thus making the coin stand vertically alongside the top joints of the fingers. When making these two movements at normal speed, turn the fist over slightly towards the body.

With the flat of the left hand, tap the inside of the fist. As you do this, it is easy to clip the upstanding coin between the tips of the first and second fingers of that hand. Withdraw the left hand, clenching the fingers slightly to hide the coin. This leaves the right fist empty. The effect is all the more surprising because the moves from start to finish are so natural.

Crematorium. One of those assisting read in a sonorous voice with great emphasis passages from a volume of 'Magick' which comprised an anthem and collects from the Gnostaic Mass. The loud clear voice rolled through the tiny chapel—"There is no law beyond 'Do what thou wilt'—this shall be the whole of the law". As the coffin passed within the curtains there was recited Crowley's "Hymn to Pan"!

The wide experiences of Arnold—even during the whole of the War—have been shared by his charming wife Mabel, who plays the accordion, operates the marionettes and does with him a captivating thought-reading aci\ But the distinctive hallmark of this remarkable couple which separates them from the majority of magicians is that they have a tremendous knowledge of the weird if you want to know about it.

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The end of the thread can be turned over the edge of the glass to prevent it slipping.

The glass is fifed with Milk, the envelope containing Soft Diamonds placed on top and with a pair of tweezers the thread is raised and the mouth coil pulled through the centre of the card.

The instructions given with Soft Diamonds explains how this is done.

Steady the Card on the glass whilst pulling out the Coil. Other coils can be added if required, but from experience I find one coil is ample. If it is thrown up loosely it makes a good show, and certainly puzzles anyone not

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