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july, 1953.

FOURTH DIMENSION THREE (Continued from Page 101).

the accompaniment of caustic comments from the audience. Why, you may ask, is it nec-essarry ro introduce the Joker at all? Well, when the audience find you have made such a simple mistake as to count in the Joker they do not suspect that the rest of the cards you counted total less rhan the number you announce after its removal—i.e. 29.

After all who are they to suspect that you have pulled their legs twice?

* NOTE.—To avoid any hesitancy on the performer's part, we think Mystico will agree that it will be better for the performer to actually count his own half of the pack, while the spectator is similarly occupied, but to start the first count on a count of four, silently, of course. Later on he could begin to count out aloud and his final total will automatically be three more than actual cards in the packet Added to whatever the spectator announces will give 53, the desired effect. No calculations on the performer's part are thus necessary.—Editor.

(Continued from Page 100).

Sunday morning saw a Star Lecture by Lewis Ganson and you will already know that anything Lewis had to say would be sound and good advice. A Luncheon and Entertainment provided by Roy Hobbs, Ali Bongo and Vicardo (the entertainment I mean, NOT the luncheon, although both were good). Another lecture by George Blake (I tried to keep this fellow's name out of this but those who heard the lecture SAID they enjoyed it) and a close-up sesison at 6 p.m. by Lewis Ganson, Bobby Bernard, Tom Harris (again), and your humble servant. Two Dealers were 'on duty' throughout the Convention, Jack Hughes and Vaf Andrews (no connection with any other firm of a similar name), and brisk business was evident, though few intervals were afforded them in such an ambitious programme of events.

Small gatherings in the evening (you cannot separate these magicians) wound up a really enjoyable week-end, and for myself, well I look forward to the Fourth Magical Weekend of the Devon Magic Circle. Here's hoping.


The advantage of the proceeding method is that the cards used by rhe performer can be shown before being shuffled and laid out, but here is an alternative suggestion, which to my mind, adds to the mystery.

Having shown the first five cards and handed them out, the performer picks up an apparently similar set, states that he is about to lay them out in a certain order but as he does not want the assistant to see them yet, it is perfectly logical for him not to show the faces. He would be in a pickle if he did, for these five cards have all faces painted to match the stand, in common with those already on the stand. NOW, when the cards are turned round, the first set can be shown and removed followed by the assistants (?) cards, and no difference is discernable in the stand.

Of the two methods, I prefer the latter, as I think that the performer not showing the face of his cards is a perfectly logical procedure.

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