Tray With Rivets In Place


it. Moves the glasses about, and then explains to the audience that he is going to pull the cloth from under the glasses and leave the glasses still standing. Counts 1, 2, then hesitates, and says: "I'm going to make it harder. I'll put a plate on top of the glasses".

Counts again 1, 2, ihen hesitates, says: "I'll make it harder yet, I'll put a cup on the plate." Counts 1, 2, then hesitates saying. "I'm going to make it harder yet", and pours! coffee or milk into the cup. Counts 1, 2' hesitates, says. "This is a helluva trick. I wish I could do it!" And then, lo, and behold! turns around and says: "Watch! I'm gonna take a chance" and strange to relate he gives a yank, the cloth comes off the tray, and all of the glasses and rhe cup, etc , still remain standing.

Now here's how it's done. There are 4 rivets, placed on the tray as per sketch No 1 The rivets are as sketch No. 2 shows. The gfasses have key-hole slots in them as sketch No. 3 shows. This permits the glasses to be Continued on Page 253.

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