Topical Comedy Effect By Bill West

volunteer is then given the "Senator Joe" card to hold. Performer displays the pack of cards, showing the faces and remarking that they all look very ordinary folk, and, displaying the backs, observing that they alf appear to be true blue citizens. However it is the task of the interrogator to spot the ones with "Red" tendencies.

Performer then states that he will cut the cards, putting a different card to the front each time and the interrogator must call stop when he or she thinks the card is a "red". The method of cutting is to fan the cards face forward then take a number of the pairs and place then in front, and then close pack, re-fan and cut, etc., until stop is called; as the cards are fanned in pairs there will always be a red spot card at the front; fanning the cards also enables performer to spot the single cards which remain after the red spot cards are taken, and he must obviously avoid cutting at a single card.

After three or four cards have been selected all that remains is to fan the cards which then turn round the cards on the stand to show that the interrogator has certainly "spotted" the "reds".

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