Tom Harris

TOM HARRIS—the Magical Schoolmaster. One of the best loved men in British Mag.c. Has a unique act that no one could possibly copy. One thing that most British audiences have in common with the American magicians who watched Tom perform. They do not understand much of what he says, but they roar with delight at his antics. Which only goes to show that the psychology of humour is not so localised as one might imagine!

Tom is a first class exponent of sleight of hand and close up magic, and was held in high esteem by the late Will Goldston, who left him his own personal set of his famous Locked Books, when he died. I know he will get a really big welcome when he returns to the States.

DONALD CROMBIE I know, is greatly looking forward to his first American trip. He has been interested in Magic for over 30 years, joining the British Ring and British Magical Society in 1929, and shortly after june, 1952.

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wards the Magic Circle. He was elected to the degree of the Inner Magic Circle in 1934, and became President of the British Magical Society for the year 1938. He founded the Wolverhampton Circle of Magicians in 1947, and became their first President. His favourite effects are Draught-board silk under Soup Plate, Diminishing Cards and the Stamp Album effect. A man of quiet temperament, Donald has a vast knowledge of magic, which he practices in his spare time only, as he has other business interests.

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