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You've had a perfectly free choice, haven't' you ? Yes, father.


By Frederick Barlow


EFFECT.—A coin, say a penny, is borrowed and marked by the lender. A handkerchief is also borrowed and covered over the coin whilst it is held in the performer's right hand. A spectator is requested to hold the covered coin with one hand and then the lower fo ds of the handkerchief are twisted around, thus imprisoning the coin. The spectator, who is holding the covered coin, is then asked to hold the twisted portion of the handkerchief his other hand. He is now requested to release his hold of the covered coin and the performer opens a penknife and apparently makes an incision in the handkerchief just above the coin. The coin is now gradually pressed upwards and eventua'ly emerges, apparently, thro' a slit in the handkerchief. The coin and the handkerchief (which is nevertheless, still intact) are given for immediate inspection.

PREPARATION.—NO Preparation necessary.

PRESENTATION AND PATTER.—"May I exercise the conjuror's prerogative and borrow something? I should like to have the 'oan of a clean gentleman's handkerchief— I shou'd say a gentleman's clean handkerchief, and a penny. Thank you, sir. Would you mind marking the coin in some distinctive way —bite a lump out of it if you like. The idea is to mark it so that you'll recognise it if you never see it again".

After the penny is marked, the coin and the handkerchief are handed fo the performer. The coin is held in the right hand between the thumb and forefinger. The handkerchief is now draped over the coin so that the coin is fairly centra!. At this moment there is a move which is the crux of the whole effect. The coin is held (as described) by the tips of the right forefinger and thumb, after the handkerchief has been draped over the coin, then the left hand apparently takes hold of the coin thro' the folds of the handkerchief.

At this precise moment the right hand brings away the coin and p'aces it at the rear of !-he handkerchief where it is gripped by the thumb and forefinger of the left hand. See Figure 5.

The handkerchief is now fo'ded over downwards once over the penny by the fingers of the left hand and the thumb and fingers of the right hand assist in the move. See Fig. 5a.

Special Note:—Whi'st the right hand is carrying the coin from the inner folds to the outside of the handkerchief, the thumb and forefinger of the left hand grasp the empty centre of the handkerchief which apparently still covers the coin.

"Whilst I cover up your wealth, sir, perhaps you wou'd be good enough to say the mystic password—'Goodbye' (Then to another spectator) "Would you mind feeling the coin, feir. I can then say that you were one of the last peop'e to touch the coin before it vanished—thank you".

Another spectator is asked to hold the covered coin whilst the lower folds of the handkerchief are twisted around.

"This is the only twisting part of the whole business". The same spectator is asked to hold the twisted portion of the handkerchief with the other hand. The performer now takes a penknife and opens a blade out.



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