Timing And Pointing

According to Dariel Fitzkee, "timing and pointing are two very closely related tools of the expert showman. Without a good sense of these two essentials, it is almost impossible to be a good entertainer . They are perhaps the two most important expedients in that most difficult of all branches of the show business, comedy".

"Perfect examples of timing and pointing are available weekly to everyone through the performances of the top radio comics such as Bob Hope, Edgar Bergen, Jack Benny, Fred Allen and many others. Notice rhe tempo of delivery, the pauses, the emphasis, the slowing down of tempo as a point is about to be rcached, and the longer pause just before the carefully timed delivery of the punch line. This is not extemporaneous. It is the most deliberately studied arrangement of the programme." ("Showmanship for Magicians". Page 55).

In a recent issue of "Abracadabra" (No. 373), the editor inquires: "What makes a magician successful? I wonder if the secret is not bound up with two words 'timing and pointing'. Some fellows seem to have a natural gift for sensing the timing and pointing of a gag, or the highspots of an effect, though others do it by sheer hard work, and others never seem to get it right ..."

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