Thrilling And Beautiful

With our sensational new type apparatus we have revolutionised this trick. No body loads. Nothing attached to hands or arms. Done at any time in the act. Very easy.

To see a string of Lighted Electric Torch Bulbs produced from the performer's mouth after he has apparently swallowed them all separately, is surely one of the most incredible feats that any modern audience has been allowed to witness. Yet it is be'ng done, and it is perfectly practical.

Sim'lar in effect to the famous Razor Blade Swallowing Trick, but not so dangerous or difficult.

The magician presses a switch and electric lights flash up on a handsome little stand. He takes them out one by one, places them on the tongue and apparently swallows them. He follows this up by eating a length of wire.

Then showing his hands empty, the magician place; two fingers to his mouth and SLOWLY PULLS OUT A STRING OF BULBS THREADED ON THE WIRE — ALL ALIGHT!! You can hear a whisper of sensation run through the audience. WITHOUT DOUBT THIS IS A MOST THRILLING EFFECT — AND ONE WHICH WILL MAKE YOUR AUDIENCE TALK ABOUT YOU WHEN OTHER TRICKS ARE FORGOTTEN.

There is nothing difficult to get ready, and the set up is such that you are quite free after working to carry on with the rest of your act. There are no false moves whatsoever, and by insisting on the original "Vampire" "LIGHTED BULBS FROM MOUTH", you are certain of getting our exclusive routine. Through consistent practical experience we have eliminated al| difficulties.

The apparatus is beautifully made and the novelty stand is fitted with Bulb Holders. It comes to you complete with bulbs, but without batteries.

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