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"Without any shadow of doubt—the finest mental effect of the year".

This is a fundamental principle which makes it possible for you to know what takes place in a room during your absence. Several people decide to be notable personalities, and they also select articles and conceal them on their persons. Without asking a single question, on your return you delineate with remarkable accuracy the name each person has se!ected, and the hidden article each has in their pocket- Every performance is different and can be used for cards etc. Strictly a practical one man feature act. Nothing to learn or memorise.



There has been a big demand for this delightful system and no wonder, for it is as different as chalk from cheese, to the old accepted ideas- Revolutionary new moves place this in the realm of sheer impossibility and you will really love to see the unbelieving look on the faces of the onlookers when you work this one. It's a honey, and no mistake-The way the pea pops hither and thither . . . always under the control! of the operator, is marvellous- When it is trapped by a bakelite cover, and further imprisoned with the ferrule . . . and then it disappears, well, that1 s the limit.

Illustrated Instructions and Apparatus

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