Those Awkward Moments

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Max has a very useful trick called "Musico". It can be used for sensing the names of musical items (and questions etc.) chosen by half-a-dozen members of the audience. It is one of my best applause-getters. But look out for that awkward moment if the people who have chosen the cards should swop places! Impress upon them—not too obviously of course—to sit or stand still so that they can concentrate.

Finally, if the rabbit you have placed in a bottomless bag drops on to your servante and then jumps on to the floor (as mine did on one occasion)—let him run. Don't try to grab him. He won't be noticed for several seconds. Crush up the bag quickly and dramatically "discover" him among his friends in the audience! They'll love it. If you really meant Bunny to re-appear in a box or something, cut it out and go on to your next mystery.

NEXT ISSUE. How to deal with the "knowing ones".

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