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A Hand Made Outfit you will be proud to own. A very limited number made.

We get sales every time we demonstrate this. At the "Vampire" Club the boys acclaimed it as a real 'Hit'. Claude Man ley was the first to buy one.

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VAMPIRE CLUB (Csntinued from Page 105.

Three ladies were asked to act as judges, and to vote entirely on the audience appeal of the effects presented. One trick only to be given by each competitor. I don't think space will be sufficient for me to given an account of what they all did but rhe following had a go and appeared in this order. Eddie Songest, Claude Manley, Sonny Paul, Tish Godfrey, Alex. Elmsley, Mystico and Ritzetti .

Claude Maniey obviously has a way with the ladies—they fell for him in a big way and awarded him first prize!

A popular win and perhaps a well minted appreciation not only of the crick he did but all the hard work he has done during the season. Tish Godfrey came in second and I am sure only missed a win by a short head.

Jimmy Brown wound up the first half of the evening with some excellent miming of the mere male sewing on a button, and the contrasting ease of rhe way the fair sex tackled the problem, got many laughs. He finished up by singing a duet with himself.

Lenz then took the floor and gave, I think, the most comprehensive display of Max Andrews' products the club has seen. Many splendid items were demonstrated and here again I cannot possibly go through them all.

If only I had not spent so much on refreshments I should certainly have bought the "Fire Bowl to Flowers" at £4—a really wonderful prop. I must save up for one before the Xmas season opens.

Judging by the crowd round the counter I think business must have been good—I hope so, for it must entail a lot of hard work to put on these trade shows.

Once again Claude had arranged an excellent cabaret for the last night.

irian Pearcey made a hit with Glass Levitation, a charming story about a rather troublesome necklace, and a first rate presentation of Card in Balloon.

Ivor Cole showed a routine of nicely presented magic, and then showed all his usual skill as a Vent.

Patrick Levy assisted by two charming young ladies, excelled with his presentation of Umbrella and Silks.

Len Wallace opened with a most colourful display of Card Fanning, some good card rricks and finished with the one that always goes down so well, and which I have never seen anyone else do, namely springing the cards and stopping again and again at any card called for! A fantastic display of subtlety and skill.

David Berglas brought the show to an end with a really wonderful act. I think the high spot was a glass of—I take his word for it—Coca Cola poured into a cone made from a sheet of newspaper.

No it was not a diminishing milk glass, the liquid was actually poured but it was not to be seen when the paper was opened in spite of the paper being turned to all angles. Finally the liquid was poured out of rhe paper again, into the glass.

And so now, I have the sad task of signing off for a long time. Good holidays and lots of luck to you all until the next meeting.

See you in the autumn.

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