This Is A Real Smash Hit With Any Juvenile Audience

There is no doubt that many performers overlook the fact that this apparatus is ideal for children if worked in conjunction with one of those so popular packs of illustrated card games. Choose one that they all know quite well, such as the Walt Disney Series, then weave a little story around some of them. When they select the card it is bound to be their little hero, of course, and he can be marked in any suitable way so that they will recognise it again when they see it.

The card is pushed back into the pack which is then shuffled, and placed openly on the stand.


We hear from our friend Dr. Marcus Bloch that he is running the largest School of Magic in the East Side of New York. He also has a course of private lessons, presumably available by post, for he has asked us to make this known to our readers.

If any of you care to write to him on this subject, or on anything to do with Hypnotism, on which Dr. Bloch is a past master, his address is : The Great Marco, 240, Rivington Street, New York, N.Y., U.S.A.

When it comes to blowing up the balloon, well there cannot be many of you who do not know at least one or two stunts that can be introduced at this stage with these fascinating objects. Try a balloon blowing up race, for example . . . this always provokes screams of laughter. Eventually you get one completed and put in the holder.

Re-cap on the story . . . count to three . . . and BANG ! There is the original selected card in the centre of the Balloon.

Plated apparatus. Breaks down for packing. No duplicates used.

PRICE 45/.


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