The Windmill

Make a large reverse fan, holding cards in the left hand as in illustration la. Now by using the index finger of the right hand, pull the cards down from the back, at the right hand corner. As they move down a few at the time, you get a wheel effect as the whole fan continuously revolves. This is extremely pretty from an audience point of view and never fails to win applause.

For a finish to his routine Frank tells a little patter story, and some of you may find it useful, particularly for children. "A magician arrived home one afternoon, and found his wife playing with her pet pack of cards, She was saying to the family. This is mother's fan (show full size fan) and this is daughter's fan (a little smaller) and this is little Woodie's fan, (smaller still) and this is baby's fan (the smallest you can). Then the magician said. 'What is ail this, fanning business? Mother's fan, daughter's fan, little Woodie's fan and baby's fan. How about father's fan?' Mother said: 'Father's fan, fathers do not have fans!' The magician said: 'Oh don't they, well what do you call this?' (Whilst talking you split the pack and interweave for the giant fan, and show as illustration lb). Mother said: 'That isn't a fan,' and he replied 'Oh, isn't it.' She said 'No, of course not?' 'Well,' said the magician, ' I don't know what you would call it but I think it's a very handy thing to have in the hot weather, don't you children?' (Magician fans himself).

We would welcome any contributions from overseas readers, so that we can make the "Magic Magazine" as representative as possible. If you have any tricks you have invented or original routines, send them with rough sketches for our consideration, so that we can see how magic flourishes in far spread parts of the World.—(Ed.)

New Ideas for the Chinese Sticks by MYSTERRO

If you have the Chinese Sticks, here is a routine, complete with patter, which retains all their mystery and adds a touch of colour in keeping with their Oriental background.

You will need the Chinese Sticks which can be separated. Get two table-tennis balls and thread one on each end of cords. Paint one Ball red to represent the sun; and one ball white for the moon. Proceed as follows: "When I was walking down by the wharf (docks or river) the other day, I met a Chinaman as he came from a ship. Where do you think he came from? China? Yes, you're quite right. He was carrying three unusual looking sticks (exhibit them). He told me that they were Prayer Sticks. In China, of course, they worship the sun and the moon.

"He began to give me a demonstration. When the sun was up and the moon was down, they prayed to the sun. At night, when the sun went down and the moon came up, they prayed to the moon."

Carry on with this business and the usual parting of the sticks at the end. Eventually the complete separation of the sticks, placing one under your arm.

"Being as mystified as I hope you are, I said to the Chinaman 'What happens on a foggy night when you cannot see the moon, or on a cloudy day when you cannot see the sun?'

He smiled, as only the Chinese can, and said "Oh, honourable sir, that ees very simple. We just pull this invisible cord and both the sun and the moon come up—and we pray to them both!"

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