The Vampire Club

Report on Opening Meeting Oct. 31st.

Well—the summer is now officially over as proved by the Vampires descending in force on the West End on Friday, October 31st.

What a gathering it was—I may be wrong but I don't think far out if I judge it the largest meeting yet. We were honoured with the presence of Lord and Lady Amwell together with many visitors from other lands. Quite an international gathering which came within an ace of being a universal meeting, by virtue of the company of Jay Palmer, who I understand is a member of the Inter-Planetary Society. Perhaps one day he will bring a wizard from Jupiter or Saturn to grace our gathering . I can imagine a visitor from Saturn Russ Garling Charles Cole putting on a wonderful show with the rings!

Other overseas visitors were Bob and Vill from Amsterdam, Rus Garling from Australia, and Tony Wallace from Uganda.

Victor Fabian of Hamleys was in evidence and also Tom Egan who I am told is launching a new department of magic at Harrods.

Before going on with details of the meeting perhaps I should mention a little ceremony which took place at the door of the mystic chamber. Each member was presented on arrival, with a very neat little club badge.

No mention was made of the unknown benefactor but it was, I presume, Max—thank you Max.

Jimmy Herbert Jimmy Herbert

Alex Weston Eric Mason George Burrows International Croup

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