The Vampire Club

PRO BONO MAGICO Report of Meeting held on January 30th.

The Vampires met in force on Friday evening, January 30th. The register of attendance showed 118 people present, and I rather fancy this was biggest muster yet. Max opened the evening with a welcome to many new members, so that it would appear that our club is making healthy progress.

It was a great privilege to sit at the same table as Eddie Joseph and Oswald Rae—Two famous names. I thoroughly enjoyed sitting back quietly and listening to memories as they passed from one to the other.

Lenx opened with a talk on the art of entertaining children. Who more qualified to give such a talk, and what a wonderful condensed course of instruction he gave. I am sure the editor will deem it worthy of special mention elsewhere so I will not attempt to summarise.

I will use the space to introduce a note of criticism and right now I can sense the Editor's comment—"Your job, my friend, is to report meetings.

Nothing serious Mr. Editor, so let me have my say. I have a feeling which I think is shared by others, that the club is rather sitting back and enjoying first class entertainment by experts.

Perhaps a few evenings of Lecture cum Demonstration would be of inestimable value to new members followed I hope by the persuading of many more members to become really active.

I rather feel that the Magic Circle achieve interest by granting honours such as membership of the Inner Circle, etc. Perhaps we could run a regular competition night— however these are things for the committee fo decide and should they make suggestions, I can only appeal for 100% support.

I hear that Editor again—"Will you get on with your report of the last meeting?"

Sorry! I am now just a reporter again and so pass on to the cabaret which was more than up to usual standard.

Lenz introduced the first performer— none other than Claude Manley, to whom we owe so much for arranging our shows. You will, remember, how, some months back he gave a fine rendering of "Just Chance" i.e.

the pound note and the three envelopes.

To come on again and present the same effect was magic after my own heart. Why did he do this? Just to show that his mind had been active and that he was now able to dispense with the tray that he used last time. Just the three envelopes in a stand clip. One envelope chosen and opened by each of his two assistants but Claude was still left with the one containing the pound note. Well done Claude!

Val Andrews (no relation) then gave a series of impersonations. Humphrey Bogart as 'Ceasar', Laughton in 'Mutiny on the Bounty', Orson Welles's 'Harry Lime', etc. and his sparkling impromptu wise cracks got a lot of laughs.

John Derris, I.M. followed with an expert display of manipulation, performing the Cups and Balls, and routines with coins and cards. Numerous transpositions between red and black suits placed in two tumblers was another effect he presented in masterly fashion, and he finished with a good card prediction.

I think the high spot of the evening was provided by Eddie Joseph, fresh from a tour of U.S.A. With his Indian background I suppose one expects everything short of the Indian Rope trick, and we certainly got it. I have not yet seen the Indian Rope Trick— we must get Lenz to do it some time!

Getting back to Eddie Joseph, it would be futile for me to describe his act in detail. Commencing with the Billiard Balls, he followed with his own particular version of Cards to Pocket, presented in great style. He then passed on to Mental Effects—his special forte, and finished with the Instantaneous Memorising of a shuffled Pack of Cards, afterwards calling for the cards half of which were held by members of the audience.

Cards, Articles, Assistants—all blended together in a bewildering cavalcade of mental miracles. The audience were very appreciative, to say the least. I will leave it at that —your loss if you were not there.

Here's to the next merry meeting.

Happy Conjuring,

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