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Well, I am back in print again just one month late, having got a black mark for arriving too late to report the first meeting of the season— shame on me. I did have the opportunity however of sitting back and thoroughly enjoying the proceedings without distraction, and by so doing I learnt even more about the VAMPIRE CLUB and the stimulating evenings it provides free of all charge. I use the word stimulating in the magical and not the alcoholic sense, of course.

Now to get down to the job of reporting the November meeting which was even more interesting than usual, as it was a demonstration night. A demonstration of all the very latest from the MAX ANDREWS den of mystery and if you were not there you missed a lot of new stuff for your Xmas Show.

What a pity I am too late to urge you to go along to the studio and see for yourselves what is to be had for Xmas, but there are more Festive seasons to follow so don't be caught napping next time.

MAX opened the session with his usual welcome and introduced the new members present. There are always some new members signed on at each meeting so come along to our next and nil in the Form—you will receive a magical welcome. MAX also stressed the value of subscribing to the MAGIC MAGAZINE, the monthly contributions of EDDIE JOSEPH, GEORGE BLAKE, PETER MACDONLD, etc., providing a course of instruction in magic worth far more than the cost of the magazine.

He mentioned in passing that many more magical periodicals and text books are also obtainable at the studio. It is not possible for me to detail the items demonstrated by MAX and LENZ but the enthusiasm was terrific. I think I am on a safe bet when I wager that the November takings at the demonstration were a record. There is no doubt that these demonstrations are popular and worth while in spite of all the work entailed—don't miss the next one. They only do two each year, and they are advertised in 'Abra'.

Following the usual break for refreshments, we passed on to the Cabaret, arranged as usual by our hard working CLAUD MANLEY. His stentorian voice was again reverberating around the room calling to order all those who were themselves calling, to order that last minute refreshment.

First to appear was ARTHUR PARDOE whose style and background of humourous patter were much appreciated. Amongst other effects he gave us the Sympathetic Silks and Flexible Glass. Up to then I had only seen this latter effect performed by wrapping in newspaper. ARTHUR, however, used a large envelope—undoubtedly a much more natural thing to do and certainly more effective. He concluded with a Trouble Wit Paper Folding Routine to a pleasing little story of a day at the seaside, and his manipulation was excellent.

TOM EGAN came on next with an act in which manipulation was the dominant feature, using mainly coins and cards. TOM earned enthusiastic applause not only for his manipulative skill but for the speed at which he worked. I am quite sure that the tempo was above normal and that went for some fine card fanning as well.

Well, it seemed that comedy and speed were to be the order of the day, so the next artiste burst upon us with enormous vitality. To describe the antics of ALI BONGO is beyond the scope of these brief notes. Suffice it to say that he gave us a savoury mixture of conjuring and clowning and. of course, got plenty of laughs.

After the storm came the calm in the shape of LEN WALLACE, who was determined to close the evening in the polished White Tie style of which he is a master. He went confidently and quietly through an act which included Candles, Silks, Cards and Slates. His finale was springing cards to the ones called for by various members of the audience. I have seen him do this on many previous occasions and yet I still get a kick out of it— it looks so, shall I say, impossible, and yet it works every time.

As usual the evening passed all too quickly, and we filed out into the cold night air, many laden with newly purchased effects and no doubt eager to read the instructions just to make sure there were no wires, no pulls, no threads, no skill required etc., etc., as per catalogues.

Pity there is no further meeting until January so by the time this is in print I can only say "Hope you had a good Christmas" and "Happy New Year".


Here is a nice little mental stunt, which is also good for publicity, if you have some cards printed on the lines suggested below, to be given out to prospective bookers. About playing card size would be suitable if used for 'close-up' work and as 'give-aways', but, obviously, for stage work, larger ones would be required.

The performer hands out a few cards each of which has a variety of rows of figures printed thereon, and there is practically no limit to the number of rows which can be employed. Each spectator freely chooses a row of figures from his card and, from the row, he decides upon one digit. The remainder of the figures in the row are called out, in any order the spectator pleases, that is, he cails out all the digits except the chosen one, yet, the performer without hesitation, names the mentally chosen figure.

Below is a sample card.

Obviously, you will use your own name and publicity wording to suit yourself. Make up your own figures for each card, and have as many vary ing cards as you wish to handle. Hundreds can be made up—I have only given you the above lines as samples.

The working is really simple. Every row of figures, when added completely, total 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54 or 63, etc., so that, when the digits are called out by the spectator, you merely have to tot them up as they are given you, deduct the resulting total from the next multiple of nine, and the answer is the digit being 'thought of'.

As an example, let us suppose from the card given above, the spectator chose the first row of figures, and from these he decided upon the digit 8. In accordance with your instructions he would call out the rest of the figures, in any order, and you would total them, as in a mental addition sum. He might call 6, then 7 (13) then 5 (18) next 7 (25) then 3 at the end of which you have a total of 28. As the next higher multiple of nine is 36, you deduct 28 from this, giving you 8, the number being thought of.

Don't pass this up because of its simplicity —you will be pleasantly surprised at the result.


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