The Uncertain Card

It may be of interest to the readers of Magic Magazine to know of an interesting addition I make when demonstrating "Out of this World".

During the laying out of the cards I cause the dealer to doubt a card as to whether it is red or black, and casually remark; 'If you are not certain of that one, better hand it over to me', at the same time relieving the dealer of it, and placing it (face to body) in outside breast pocket, leaving a part protruding. At the finish someone is sure to make a remark about the card in pocket; withdrawing, and turning it face upwards, remark "No wonder our friend was uncertain about this one, its the Joker". There is little need for me to state that the Joker is secretly placed in the pocket beforehand, and pulled up to show, when the other card is pushed down.

Yours faithfully,

Herbert S. H. Rolley.

New Zeafand.

P.S.—I am indebted to H.H.M. Upper Norwood, an expert at card manipulation, Tor the foregoing. Enclosed herewith is my Annual Subscription for Magic Magazine.

New South Wales, Australia.

March 26th., 1954.

Max Andrews, 10/11, Archer Street, London, W. 1. Dear Bro. Andrews,

Last night the 'International Brotherhood of Magicians', Sydney Ring 102, held a most enjoyable meeting, to wish 'The Great Levante' and Paul Dalton, bon voyage and success, on their visit to England.

Enclosed please find Sub. due for "The Magic Magazine". I certainly look forward to receiving this informative, and cleverly put together magazine.

With all best wishes to Mrs. Andrews, your good self and Lenz.

Sincerely yours,

Rolland Fraser.

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