The Turban Trick

As a matter of fact, I never used a bit of brown paper in which to roll up the scissors. My plan was to have the scissors and a length of white muslin (which I referred to as a Turban) and the scissors wrapped up together with the faked rope. My object being, of course, to provide an excuse for having the ends of the rope tied in a knot. (Figure 1).


With the last twenty-five years, scores of excellent routines in which the same bit of rope is cut up and restored again and again, have been devised.

Personally, although I admire the ingenuity of the stratagems employed and the skill displayed by many magicians, I have never had any ambition to add a "repeat" Hope trick to my programme. Possib'y: I may be hypercritical, but I consider that such routines are unconvincing, especially when the magi-

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cian ends up with a rope obviously much shorter than it was at the start. Nevertheless, I frankly admit that many entertainers are very successful with tricks of this kind.

Apart from that, I think it is an anticlimax to do "a cut and restored" effect twice using the same object. Douglas Dexter, by the way, was of the same opinion.

For many years, prior to my final retirement from the stage, I performed the Cut and Restored Rope trick as a prelude to the East Indian Turban effect. In this case, the same article is not employed twice, and that, I think, makes all the difference in the world.

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