The Travelling Sugar Cubes

Assuming that we have now reached the coffee stage of the Dinner (and that some lump sugar is available) I will describe two methods of performing an effect with sugar cubes. The first has been published in some of the older books on magic; the second is an original method of my own and a little puzzling to a layman.

1st METHOD : Four cubes of sugar are p'aced on the table in a square, about a foot apart. An extra one is secretly held palmed in the left hand. The two upper cubes are first covered with each hand; the palmed cube is then released and at the same time the right hand cube is gripped in the palm of that hand.

Both hands are lifted showing two cubes on the left. The right hand (containing the palmed cube) is then placed over the two cubes on the left and the left hand is held over either of the lower ones. Both hands are raised again, palming the lower cube in the left hand and releasing the other from the right.

Three cubes are seen on the left. Finally the left hand is placed over the three cubes and the right over the remaining lower one. The hands are once more raised showing four cubes on the left. If the performer is in a sitting position the extra palmed cube can be conveniently dropped on to his lap.

2nd. METHOD : This is a slightly different routine. Four cubes of sugar are 'passed' one by one from the right to the left hand.

The working is as follows: Start with a cube paimed in the right hand; four cubes are placid on the table in a line. Pick up one in the left hand and show it resting on the palm, it is then apparently thrown into the right hand; what actually happens is this: The tip of the ieft hand thumb is placed on the cube and retains it in the hand as it is turned back uppermost in the act of putting it in the right hand; the palmed cube is shown in its place in that hsnd. The cube is then thrown back into the left hand which will now contain two. The second cube is then picked up from the table with the right hand and a throwing movement is made towards the other hand; the cube is palmed and on opening the left hand two cubes are seen. These are seemingly now thrown into rhe right hand. The tip of the left hand thumb is placed on one of the cubes in that hand and the other is allowed to fall into the right hand to join the cubes already there.

This move convincingly demonstrates the absence of a third cube.

The two cubes are thrown back into the left hand joining the one already there. The third cube is picked up (right hand), "thrown" towards the left and palmed. The left hand is opened displaying three cubes therein. The move described above of throwing them into the right hand and back again is repeated: (Tip of thumb placed on one cube and the other two released to join the palmed cube in the right hand).

There will now be four cubes in the left hand. The fourth cube is finally picked up from the table. Should the performer be sitting down this cube can be placed near the edge of the table-cloth and allowed to fall on to the lap in the act of picking it up in the right hand; if standing it is picked up and palmed as the "throwing" movement is made towards the left hand. Four cubes are then shown in that hand.

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