The Transfer

(Passing the Last Card)

The following method of causing the last card to "pass up the sleeve" is thoroughly practical, and, although hard to explain, it is by no means difficult of execution. I have performed it hundreds of times.

A good idea—when not using a borrowed pack—is to pin an extra (indifferent) card to the top of the waistcoat near the left shoulder. It should be face down, and when the conjurer's coat is drawn back, with the left hand, the card can be seen by the audience. However, this addition is not neccessary, but it improves the effect.

For the sake of clearness, I shall explain the sleight " by numbers" as we used to say in the Army.

One. Hold the last card, which we have assumed to be a Two spot, in the right hand as depicted in Figure 7. (Arm extended towards the right).

Two. Place the card in the left hand. Figure 8. Note how the tips of the left fingers are closed over the tips of the right.

Three. Quickly turn the back of the left hand to the front, but do not let the audience catch a glimpse of the card. Figure 9 Keep the right hand in a somewhat cramped position. This is a feint, but it must not be overdone.

Four. Remark: "I require a pencil. Has anybody got one? Never mind! I have one here." Put your right hand in the outside oocket of your coat on that side, remove the pencil, and display it between the forefinger and thumb. (This will lead some members of the company to think that you have left the card in your pocket). The left hand is still he'd as in Figure 9.

Five. Turn the palm of the left hand to the front, showing that the card is still there, but please do not refer to this obvious fact! Give the card and the pencil to a maie member of the audience, and ask him to initial the card on the face side. When he has done so take back the card, and whisper to him to put the pencil in his pocket.

Six. Display the card in the right hand as in figure 7. (Arm extended towards the right).

Seven. Pretend to place the card in the left hand, and, as you do so, clip it by the edges exactly as if you were about to transfer it to the back of the right hand. Figure 10. The view, as seen by the spectators, will be as shown in Figure 8, the tips of the left fingers being closed over the tips of the right.

Eight. Turn the back of the left hand to the front. Figure 9.

Nine. Wave the right hand over the left, and, as you do so, transfer the concealed card to the standard palm position.

Ten. With the extended right forefinger, point to the back of the left hand, curling the concealed card into the palm with the middle and third fingers.

Eleven. Keeping the left hand as illustrated in Figure 9, bring the nails of the left middle finger and thumb together. Then, extend all four fingers, producing an audible "click". (The nail of the thumb should be paced above the nail of the middle finger).

Twelve. With the left hand—which is now seen to be empty—grip the lapel on that side, and open your coat so as to expose the back of the extra card that you have fastened to the top of your waist card. Figure 1 1.

Thirteen. Place your right hand on your left shoulder (on top of the extra card), release the left lapel, and withdraw the palmed card.

Fourteen. Hold the card, back outwards, and then slowly turn it round.

Fifteen, Hand the card to the man who marked it, and ask him if he recognizes his initials. Then remark: "You may keep the card as a souvenir, if you wish." Pause for about two seconds and then add: "But I WOULD like to have my pencil ... if is far too valuable to give away!"

As your victim has put the pencil in his pocket, this always causes a laugh, and is a good finish to the routine.

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