The Tantalising Tapers

The performer appears holding a long lighted taper in each hand and fol'owing a hilarious line of patter, he continually blows out first one . . . then the other taper. STRANGE AS IT MAY SEEM, HOWEVER THEY IMMEDIATELY RELIGHT THEMSELVES.

The patter runs on . . . and placing them both logether . . . magician blows them both out together . AND THEY RE-LIGHT TOGETHER. IT FOOLS; IT'S FUNNY. IT'S FANTASTIC.

The magician is really up against it . . . he is actually fighting to get his tapers out—to get on with his act . . . and they persist in re-lighting much to his chagrin.

FINALLY HE STAMPS ON THEM IN EXASPERATION and worn but triumphant he proceeds with his act, that is, as soon as the laughter dies away.

A complete " reason-for-doing-everything " Routine by George Blake (who made such a success of this effect at the Leicester Welcome to Dr. Zina Bennett on September 5th, and at the Leeds Magical Society on August 25th.) is supplied with each set and other ideas are also thrown in for good measure.

You cannot go wrong with "Fairy-Light ' especially at the price of

5/- per Outfit


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