The Switch

Your final action is to deposit the remains of the banana on the table, right over the borrowed note, then to pick up the hanky which was set in front of it, wipe off any stickiness from your hands (there won't be much really) and at the same time wet the thumbnail and remove the writing. All this can be done in full view, as though getting rid of stickiness. Pick up the banana (and the note) dump them in the centre of the handkerchief and place them aside for future clearance.

Need I stress again the value of this very simple routine ? I have used it hundreds of times and always found it a winner. There are no complicated moves, even the switch on the table top is a natural and as easy as pie. Try it and you'll like it, or. better still, ignore it. and leave it to me. I won't mind.

Yours magically,

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