The Spookiest Novelty In Creation

It's Uncanny !

The Educated Pencil Will Defy Gravity

Amazing new patented invention, incorporating a strange but simple scientific secret.

Shake the Pencil inside the tube. Remove the Pencil and with it give a positive demonstration of Mystic Power. The Pencil will defy gravity, and extraordinary as it may seem, the power to defy gravity REMAINS ONLY AS LONG AS YOU DESIRE and may be destroyed at will WITHOUT DETECTION, only to return when shaken in the tubs. Your friends may shake the Pencil inside the tube, but they will be unable to cause rhe Pencil to defy gravity, and their efforts to do so will amuse beyond words. The effect may be repeated any number of times without the secret becoming known. Everything may be minutely examined, but the mysfery will remain unsolved.


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Enneagram Essentials

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