The Routine

(Working and Outline of "Patter")

1. Sitting or standing behind a table, the magician inquires: "Have you seen a new game cabled Per Jocum? The rules are similar to those of Banker. That is to say, only the dealer handles the cards."

2. Holding a borrowed pack of cards in his left hand, the conjurer requests a member of the company to empty a box of marches on to the table. This affords the necessary misdirection for him to raise, with the right thumb, the two top cards of the pack, and to mark them off in readiness for rhe Double Card Turn-Over. Figure 1.

3. With the right forefinger and fhunb, the performer now reverses the "doub e' card, and, allowing it to project over the right hand side of the pack, he holds it firmly in position with the left thumb. Figure 2. He rhen remarks: "There are (say) eight spots on this card. Please pick up eight matches. When the helper has done as requested—but NOT before—the conjurer turns the "double" card face downwards on top of the pack.

4. The performer now deals the top (or single) card, very slowly and deliberately, face downwards on the table. He then tells the helper to drop his eight matches on top of it.

5. While this is being done, the magician marks off the next two cards, and turns the "double" card face up on top of the pack, remarking: "There are (say) two spots on this card- Please pick up two matches.'1 When the two matches have been picked up, but not before, the performer turns the "double" card face downwards on top of the pack. He then places the single card, face down, on the table at a little distance from the first card.

6. The next step is to tell the assistant to drop his two matches on top of the card just dealt. Figure 3. This gives the conjurer ample time to mark off the next two cards.

7. Position. There are two cards on the table. Each face down.

a. The first (supposed by the spectators to be an eight, but actually an indifferent card) has eight matches on top of it.

b. The second card (supposed to be a two spots, but really an eight has two matches on it.

c. The two spot is on top of the pack.

d. The two top cards—the upper of which is of course the two spot—are already marked off in readiness for the Double Card Turn-Over.

8. The performer observes: "The third card is called the Banker's card." As he says this, he turns over the "double" card face upwards on top of the pack, remarking: "There are (say) four spots on this card. That is an even number: therefore you win the eight matches." Replacing the "double" card face downwards on fop of the pack, he picks up the indifferent card (supposed to be an eight spot) with the right hand, and lets the eight matches slide off on to the table. The conjurer then places this card—without showing its face—on top of the pack.

9. Position.

i. The eight spot, supposed to be a two has two matches on it.

ii. The indifferent card is on top of the pack.

iii. The two spot is the second card from the top of the pack.

iv. The Banker's card (which we have supposed to be a four spot) is the third card from the top.

v. The spectators naturally imagine that the eight is on top of the pack.

10. The conjurer inquires: "How many spots are there on the other card? ' (Under cover of this question, he marks off the next two cards). The helper will reply that there are two spots on it, upon hearing which the performer remarks: "Soriry! The two is here!" (At this point, he reverses the double card showing the face of the two spot). "That is an eight spot over there. Turn it over, and see for yourself!"

11. While the spectator is thus engaged, the "double" card is turned, face downwards, on top of the pack, but it must not be flush with the rest of the cards. It should project over the right hand side of the pack in the manner shown in Figure 4. It is then seized by the thumb and the first and Second fingers of the right hand (thumb on top, fingers below) and placed face downwards underneath the pack. The indifferent card is left there, but the two spot is at once withdrawn and held in the right hand. (The four spot is still on top of the pack).

12. Remarking: "I was lucky: my card is a good one'', the performer pushes the "Banker's Card" (the four spot) over the right hand side of the pack with the left thumb. He then places a corner of the two spot, held in the right hand, under its projecting edge, and, by means of an upward jerk of the right hand, he "tips" it (the Banker's Card) face upwards on top of the pack. Finally, he throws these two cards on the table beside the eight spot.

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