The Routine

By the way of a change, I shall describe this routine in telegraphic style, leaving the reader to fill in the gaps.

Requirements. Four or five balls. One shell to fit tightly. Put the shell in the inside pocket of your coat on the right. Have the other balls in holders under your vest or elsewhere. Working.

A. Exactly as explained in paras. 1 to 12

B. Repeat the LeRoy "vanish", but this time, instead of producing the ball from the inside of your coat on the right, seize the right lapel of your coat with the right hand, and, with the left, remove the shell from your pocket.

C. Facing the audience, place the shell in your right hand over the concealed ball. Squeeze them together.

D. Perform the LeRoy series of "moves", this time causing the ball to disappear from your right hand. (Palming the balf in the left).

E. Produce the palmed ball (and shell) from the back of the left knee.

F. Perform your own version of the Balls at Finger Tips.

In the August issue of this magazine, I published a few notes concerning Servais LeRoy, a really great magician whom I knew persona I iy.

"WHIZZY"—the dizzy magician.

"WHIZZY"—the dizzy magician.

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