The Next Four Cards

I. Calling attention to the five cards standing upright in the brush, remark: "Five cards have passed up my sleeve. We had ten at the start; consequently, five should remain in my hand. '

II. Transfer the packet to the right hand, and count the cards—one by one and faces down—into the left. (This will reverse the order, and bring the King to the bottom).

III. Ask the second lady if she can remember the other "telephone number" Turn the packet face up, and with the left hand count the cards into the right, calling out: KING: Seven, Four, Six, Two." (Fig. 6).

hand, leaving only the Two Spot in your left.

VI. Do the "One" Card Riffle, insert your right hand inside your coat, leave three of the palmed cards on your shoulder, and bring out the top card, namely, the King. Stand it in the brush beside the other cards.

VII. Then produce the Seven, Four and Six one after the other. Position. Nine cards are in the brush. The Two Spot remains in the performer's left hand.

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