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A New Vampire Publication



That this writer should tackle this subject, one of the most controversial mysteries of the Orient, is sufficient guarantee that the reader is in for a real technical treat.

Without any shadow of doubt, Western magicians have never been able to fathom the age-old subtleties that have kept this effect raised to the eminence of a real miracle, through the centuries.

Do not confuse this with the well known Cups and Balls trick. It is quite different.

From the very first opening the whole presentation is so guileless, slow, and miraculously breathtaking that even magicians will be the first to appreciate the effect it will have on a lay audience !

The presentation and format has been suitably developed for showing under any conditions, either closeup or stage, and no special table-top is needed.

Eddie Joseph considers this to be one of his own masterpieces, and having spent all his life in

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