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Owing to lack of space the report of this show had to be held over until December issue.

magic magazine for DECEMBER carries a big SURPRISE—you dare not miss this issue.

the Magic Soldier a lovely new children's trick by JIMMY FLOWERS

Effect- in Brief.

Two coloured picture cards are seen resting in two brick decorated cut out archway stands. One card is a picture of a soldier standing in a sentry box; on the other card is a picture of a sentry box only. Both cards are taken from stands to show, and while part of the story is told both cards are replaced in their respective stands, backs out. The story is continued. The soldier wishes to cross over to the other sentry box. Being a magic soldier his wish is granted, for upon turning the cards round the soldier is seen to have changed p'aces.

(Note that full face of soldier card is seen right up to the time when placed in stand, back out).

Secret.—A separate cut out soldier is used. This cut out, when held in place on the Sentry Box Only card, looks exact'y like the genuine Soldier Card and at one part of trick this temporary faked card actually takes the place of the genuine card. The cut out fake is neatly disposed of in one of the stands which has a hollow back, thus there is nothing to hide or dispose of at finish.

Preparation.—Actually there is nothing to prepare but this is the set up. Put cut out soldier in slot at bottom of fake stand, face to rear. Place the Soldier Card face to front in stand. Place sentry box card face to front in other stand. Have these on tab'e to your left, the Sentry Box Card and stand facing back out to audience and in front of the Soldier Card and stand. When ready for performance merely lift back out, stand and card and carry it to table on right. Then you have both stands with cards on display ready to start.

Working and Story Idea.—(Moves and exp'anations in Brackets). "Now Girls and Boys, you have all probably seen the guards on duty in London, or if not, you have seen pictures of them. Well, even in Toyland they have a guard and the one you see here (point to left hand stand) was guarding the Fairy Doll. You must imagine that in between these two archways (again point and make movement with hand) is a big palace, and the soldier is on guard. You see he is snugly standing in his sentry box" (here lift up Soldier Card by side, at same time lifting up the Soldier Cut Out which is held behind card by thumb of left hand, the fingers across front of card). (Note that cards are held in this position at all times) "Doesn't he look nice in his uniform? but I expect he is waiting for the time to go off duty. For you see, so many times during his guard he has to march across to the other side of the palace to this sentry box (go over to right hand stand and take out card with right hand and then place card face out in front of Soldier Card, about half way over so that fingers can hold it) "This Sentry Box looks very cosy, doesn't it? But I don't believe they are as cosy as they look, do you? It must be very co'd standing about in one. However let's have another look at our soldier (Here take sentry box card away with right hand, turn it back out and place it half way behind Soldier Card. As you do this slide it under soldier cut out so that soldier cut out is now on sentry box card and both held by thumb of left hand. This card and cut out is now transferred to right hand merely by taking it with right hand, at the same time sliding cut out out to centre of sentry box so that it is in same position as held by soldier on Soldier Card. The card is still held back out to audience).


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