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Of all the sealed message reading acts and methods, none is more suited to concert work or Vaudeville than this. The tests you can carry out are virtually impossible.

Having had people in the audience write their own questions and sign their name, THE QUESTIONS ARE RETAINED BY THOSE WHO WRITE THEM. From the platform the performer commences to ANSWER THE QUESTIONS, giving dates of birth, names, addresses, places of residence and an amazing amount of intimate information that could only be known to the individual in the audience.

Futhermore. as an additional SENSATION-MAKING FEATURE, he announces that before entering the hall, several people merely thought of a question they would like answered, whilst one or two others brought their questions with them sealed in an envelope. WHEN HE DELINEATES THESE QUESTIONS, GIVES ANSWERS, NAMES and personal information, then even the most sceptical are completely shattered ! !

CAN BE USED WITHOUT ASSISTANTS. Boards may be freely handled by audience and incorporate the ultra modern streamlined improvements that place them in a class right above anything else of a similar nature. We fully guarantee that you will be more than satisfied with Vampire "MENTA PERCEPTO".

Nothing to learn, and no codes, signals, stooges etc. No dressing up, no wires or electrical apparatus, and no skill or preparation. Completely foolproof, indétectable and highly recommended. Complete with routines and board, etc. Perfectly suitable for club or home use.

Professionals will probably find that in large Halls it will be an advantage to use several of these clipboards.


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