The Latest And Greatest Routine For This Evergreen Oldie

Whilst many present generation magicians stick their noses up at those effects which are not of comparatively recent development some of the old tricks have become classics of today and still continue to entertain and bewilder. These tricks have survived the passage of time on their individual merits, and will stay with us to be handed down to posterity.

The Linking Rings, Egg Bag, Cups and Balls and Ring on Stick are but a few that come within the category under consideration. There must be a definite reason why these old effects continue to sustain interest. The answer will become evident to anyone who cares to investigate by the simple process of analysis. In each of these cases the spectators are presented with a clear cut idea. They are not confronted with any complicated problems to grapple with. The effect in each instance is produced by a series of simple and direct expedients, and as such, the spectators are able to follow the different phases easily and readily.

Let us now consider the age old trick of apparently passing a borrowed finger ring on to the centre of a stick, whilst the ends are 'held by two spectators. Here we have a •definite example of an effect produced by direct and straightforward means.

Personally I feel that this trick is so old that it would be impossible to trace back to its original source. However, I have seen it demonstrated in India, Egypt, America and England. The means employed to produce the effect, more or less, followed a uniform pattern everywhere.

The original version called for the use of the magician's handkerchief. This was incidentally tricked by having a dummy ring stitched at one corner. The borrowed ring was later substituted for the dummy in the process of covering it with the handkerchief. A spectator was given the handkerchief to hold, and in due course it was whisked away. Since nothing dropped out, it was assumed by magician's logic that the ring had vanished.

In my own method, which I now describe for the first time in its correct form,

Figure 1.

1 dispense with the handkerchief. My method may seem bold at first reading but I hasten to assure the readers that all weak points have been amply covered by a natural form of misdirection. You need only study the routine and then put it into practice, to be able to appreciate its great superiority over the older method.

You will need a wand and a dummy ring of your own. The dummy should be of a kind that is not too conspicuous. Secretly drop this into the right sleeve. Advance with wand held between both hands. At this stage it is necessary to provide the spectators with a clear view of the interior of both hands without calling direct attention to them.

The whole idea behind this is to convince them in a tacit manner that you have nothing else in your hands!

You now advance and borrow three rings. As each ring is tendered, you receive it on the end of your wand which is held in the right hand. When the three rings are collected in this manner you pass the wand on to the left hand. Return to table and tilt the end of the wand allowing the three rings to slide off. Now as the wand is tilted towards the table with the left hand, lower the right permitting the hidden ring to drop into that hand.

At this point there would be three rings lying on the table and the dummy ring con-

Figure 2.

cealed in your right hand. This is the first bit of misdirection you have employed as a cover for obtaining the hidden ring secretly into your hand. The wand is now returned into the right hand. You ask someone to indicate one of the three rings to be used for the trick about to be demonstrated. Whichever ring is chosen you pick it up with the wand. This is easily done by pressing the end of the wand against the edge of ring. This action will cause the ring to turn over on to the wand.

With the chosen ring still hanging on the wand, you ask the owner to advance and take his position on your left. When he arrives you turn the ring over on to his right-palm. With the wand you now point to some lady and ask her to come forward and take her position on your right.

Hand the wand to the gentleman and ask him to hold it above his head. He nat-ural'y takes it in his left hand. The moment he takes the wand from you, you pick up the

Figure 3.

ring from his palm and hold it to view between thumb and first finger of the right. This hand be it remembered, also contains the dummy ring. Now turn to the lady and tell her that you want her to hold the ring in her closed hand high above her head so that you cannot take it away from her. By way of illustration you raise the ring above your head closing your fingers over it at the same time. As you do this you execute a very subtle change which is absolutely impossible either to detect or suspect. The accompanying illustrations will clarify the explanation given here.

Figure 4.

Figure 3.

Figure 4.

To start with, the borrowed ring is between your thumb and first finger and the dummy is concealed behind the second and third fingers. As you raise your hand you close fingers. This action will naturally take the visible ring to your thumb crotch position. You have ostensibly illustrated how you want the ring held within closed fingers.

Now you hand the ring to the lady. In order to do this, you slide the dummy out with thumb and place it on the fingers of the lady and at the same time help her close her hand, so that she does not see the ring. The borrowed ring is now concealed in your thumb crotch while the lady retains the dummy, presumably the borrowed ring.

Even as you read this, you will understand that your actions so far, have been such as to suggest you have done nothing beyond what they have seen you do. In other words you have merely handed the gentleman's ring to the lady for safe keeping.

Lower the right hand by your side. Stretch out your left and ask for the wand. The gentleman hands the wand back to you. The left hand pushes the wand into the right

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