The Landershute Deck

A Suggested Routine and Patter Story by "HAYWARD"

Before commencing the routine for this excellent deck, I would like to suggest that it would considerably add to the effectiveness of the trick if the performer had a duplicate deck with backs to match. This could then be handed out for shuffling, and later switched for the Vampire Landershute Deck en route back to the stage, or by any method you know. It would certainly help to fool any really wise ones in the audience.4

Maybe it has never occurred to you, Ladies and Gentlemen, but one thing has always mystified me, how does a butcher know just where to cut the meat? I mean, before the War, you could go to a butcher and say: " Pound and a half of best rump, please." and he'd say: " Yes, Sir." (I believe they used to say "Sir" in those day—my grandfather told me — and he had it from his uncle), and straight away the knife would go, smack, just where the pound and a half joined the one pound eight ounces, so to speak. And to-day it's the same — you ask for two and tenpence worth of ration, and what does it come to? Two and eight! Always just right, you see! So .1 asked a butcher about this and he said he reckoned it was just intuition, or maybe sensitivity of touch, but the thing was not to dither. Go straight to it, and you got it every time. And then it struck me that Magicians, like butchers, do a lot of cutting, too, only we cut cards, not meat. So I took a deck and said to myself, "I want the Joker" and I cut, and there was the Joker, just like that, (show Joker and place at bottom). Then I thought, "Maybe that was just luck — I'll cut the eight of hearts," and I did — like that, you see. And I can get the deuce of diamonds just as easily if i don't dither — yes, there it is, and there's only one to a deck! And if you think I've got two or three favourites here, just call the card you fancy . . . five of clubs? It's always looked like this one to me! Ten of spades? You're looking at it now, Sir. That's what it is, Ladies and Gentlemen, intuition, or sensitivity of touch, but don't touch me, be-

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