The Kalanag Show

We have recently received a book from Kalanag, depicting and advertising his big magical show, and we must say right away that the task of trying to review such a work leaves us almost speechless.

Without any shadow of doubt, it is the largest and by far the best production of its kind ever seen anywhere in the World, and is really a work of art that we, who are not really collectors, will certainly keep for always.

To start with, it is large in its scope, for the size is approximately 15 inches long by 12 inches wide, and there are 28 pages otf beautiful heavy quality art paper, apart from the cover.

The colour work is all from Natural Colour Photography, and must have cost a fortune. The Cover design depicts Kalanag, a close-up shot, hypnotising his assistant Gloria, who lies asleep in front of him. This is in full colour with the Kalanague nameblock, designed in the form of a crown, printed in gold in top left corner. This crown motif is continued on every page throughout the book.

Inside, the frontispiece has a large portrait of the Magician, and several pages are


Lastly we get the approach to the press. In over 12 years on London weekly and evening papers, and now as chief reporter for a group of provincial dailies, I HAVE YET TO BE APPROACHED BY A MAGICIAN WITH THE OFFER OF A STORY.

They expect the Press to run after them and do all the work. Yet if they approached us in the right way they would find us anxious to get a 'special' and to help them in every way .

Only by getting yourself or your Magic Circle talked about can you reach the wider public—and brother !—you've got a lot of leeway to make up.

Entertainment is not news unfess you dress it up and impress your personality upon it. Then you can come and knock at my door and expect to have it opened. You are some part of the way to a 'Front Page Story' and in subsequent articles I'll try to explain the art of getting in to the news by gossip pars, pictures and features.

devoted to a revue comprising composite pictures of theatres, foyers, queues waiting for admission, names in lights outside theatres, baggage transports etc., in ail parts of the globe.

Gloria, as befits the Star, is suitably featured on a complete page, the whole exquisitely laid out, as is all the typography and photographs in this extraordinary work. Indeed, it would not be too much to say that it probably represents the finest and most up-to-date expression of the advertising man, and the printer's art, in Germany at the present time. As one who knows, to put it modestly, just a little more than the average about the subject, I can say that there are few indeed, who would fail to learn something advantageous from a study of these pages.

The amount of time spent in its composition cannot even be guessed at, for the copywriting alone, even if a little elaborate, is meticulous in its composition and effective and varied in its vocabulary.

There are many shots from the Show, giving the highlights of the various tricks, effects and scenes, and for good measure one page has a full size reproduction in colour of the now famous Dutch Masterpiece which depicts a Magician performing the Cups and Balls on a table in the open air, to an average crowd of onlookers, It is the oldest known picture of its kind, and is circa 1520. Incid-ently full size reproductions are obtainable in Holland, if any of you should visit that way.

There are no fewer than sixteen large and lovely naturaf colour photographs, also showing the most spectacular parts of the show, and in the centre, occupying a double page spread is a three colour halftone picture of over twenty inches wide, giving the whole scene during Kalanag's original presentation of the Floating lady. This effect in particular is one that severely baffled magicians here, for there seemed to be no logical explanation when all the circumstances of presentation were surveyed! That several methods were combined there is no doubt, but the effect on the lay audience was stupendous.

Kalanag has undoubtedly set an ail-time high standard in this lovely Souvenir Programme Book, and it is complementary to the wonderful show he presented in England two years ago. That, most certainly, was second to none that we have ever seen.

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