The Invisible Princess


The Effect,—On the table is seen a model of a Palace—performer tells the children that is where a beautiful Princess lives, and asks if they would like to see the Princess. Performer opens the door—but no Princess is there. Inside is seen a large sheet of paper. Performer takes this out. and closes the door of the Palace. On the paper is seen a message, which performer reads out as follows : "I have made the Princess invisible and destroyed her clothes. Get her back if you can. Signed—The Wicked Witch."

This message the performer says, was taken at once to the Prince who was going to marry her. He was frantic and went at once to the court magician and asked him what could be done. The magician looked into his magic crystal, then told the Prince that the only way to make the Princess visible again was to say a certain magic word, which was written on a slate. A search of the Palace was made and the slate was found, but alas, on the slate were written many words. Which was the right one?

The Prince was very worried, so he went to the Palace Fairies, and they told him to put the slate in a magic cover which they gave him, and then every one must wish for the right magic word to be made known. This is done. The slate is taken out of the cover, and it is seen that all the words have been partly rubbed out except one. "This must be the one said the Prince—let's ail say it so that we can get the Princess back.

This done, the performer goes to open the Palace door, when it is remembered that the Princess's clothes were destroyed. The Prince sends to the court dressmaker for some more. When they arrive in a small parcel, it is found that there are two dresses, and the Prince couldn't decide which one to send to the Princess. A choice is made and the chosen one is put in a magic bag. Magic word is said again and the dress vanishes from the bag. Palace door is then opened—and there stands the lovely Princess in the chosen dress.

Requirements:—One Princess doll, (I got a "Roddy" make, Walking 'Princess' doll. These are just right for this effect. Mine was an 11"

doll. A slate with a flap and an envelope to hold this, with a cut out front, a changing bag. and three dresses, say, two red and one green (one of the red dresses is put on the doll—these are supplied undressed only) and of course the Palace, which is not difficult to make (see sketch).

Preparation:—Put the note in the first compartment of the sliding box, and the Doll in the second compartment. Have the first compartment level with the door. Have the flap on the slate and the two dresses wrapped in tissue paper.

Working and Story Idea: (Working shown in brackets). Now girls and boys, once upon a time there lived a beautiful Princess in a lovely Palace, something like this. (Point to Palace). Would you like to see her, for she really is lovely. You would ? Well we will have a look. (Lift up door to reveal first compartment but only the rolled up paper in view). There she is already to go out—but surely something has happened, she isn't here. But what is this inside ? (Take paper out and then close door). It is a note, perhaps from the Princess. Good gracious no, it isn't. Listen to this. (Read out the message, or let a child helper do so).

The news of this message was at once sent to the Prince whom the Princess was going to marry, he was very upset, and went at once to the court magician to see what he could do. He studied his magic crystal and then said: "The only thing that can be done is to all say the magic word and that will be found on a slate, which is somewhere in the Palace (here go to Palace and pretend to search, and then bring out slate from behind).

Good, said the Prince, now we can all say the magic word, but alas, he said as he looked at the slate (hoid slate to audience), there are several magic words on it and we don't know which one to say. Send for the Palace Fairy. When she came, she said, put the slate in this magic cover (pick up open front envelope) and you will find out which is the magic word. (Put slate in envelope writing to rear and see that flap falls off).

Now all wish for the magic word. (Here get children to be perfectly quiet). Take the slate out

vZS£/Of/vc double corrrAzrtf£NT

now. said the Fairy, and see what has happened (slate is removed and held facing audience so that they can see that all the names have been crossed out. or rubbed out. except one—and that is "Lollipops").

Ah! said the Prince, that must be the magic word, so let's all say it together. Ready? (here all the children shout Lollipops). Splendid, said the Prince, now we shall get the Princess back again. Let's see (go to the Palace and make as if to lift the door up, then turn away again). I forgot said the Prince, the wicked Witch also destroyed her clothes. Send at once to the court dressmaker for some more. Yes, here was are (reach behind the Palace and bring out the tissue parcel. Unwrap to reveal the two dresses red and green).

Oh dear, said the Prince, they have sent two. which shall we use (here if they shout out red mostly, put the green one aside, but if both seem to be shouted out equally, put both in the magic bag, one in each compartment and get a girl to chose one by putting her hand in. She can, of course, only take the red one, for you keep the other side closed).

Well it seems as if the red has been chosen, so we will make it go to the Princess by means of the magic bag. (Take the other dress from bag, place the Red dress in. and get all to say the magic word again—"Lollipops". Open and show bag empty, merely showing the empty compartment. Put the bag down and go to the Palace).

Now this time, said the Prince, we all hope to see the Princess. (Place the hand on top of the door and with the other, slide the box along, lift up the door thus revealing the Princess). Yes here she is. Isn't she lovely ? (Take Princess out and stand her against Palace) and the Prince and Princess lived happy ever after.

The story given is merely the bare idea. You can add or alter it to suit your style. This is a really worth while trick to make up, so go to it.


Remember you can drive a horse to water but a pencil must be lead.

The Magi who used the tantalising tapers was at his Wicks End.

The Magi who couldn't do the lévitation act went home and saw the kitchen sink.

For "better" or for worse, even a magician can't win.

I followed the horses on hundreds of courses, but the horses I followed, just followed the horses.

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