The Hbomb

exploded during its trial, an appreciable sized island we were told simply vanished into the atmosphere" With these words, he picks up a stick about 20 inches in length and using that as a pointer draws attention to a model pyramid standing in the center of the stage. At his command, an assistant reaches inside a basket and brings out an inflated balloon. While the assistant holds up the balloon to view the magician says "this is a miniature model of the H-Bomb. When I give the signal for its detonation the pyramid that IS will have become a HAS BEEN".

The magician gives the signal and the balloon explodes. The pyramid still stands upright and instead, the stick in the magician's hand loses its rigidity and hangs down limply in front of him. The result being different from that anticipated will produce spontaneous laughter. At this point the magician concludes "I should have mentioned at the beginning that the power of the H-Bomb is so wildly potent that it is liable to become uncontrollable. I suppressed this fact from you because I did not wish to scare you".

TEST "Two" : When the laughter dies the magician gets ready for the next test. Attention is now drawn to a pitcher standing upon a side table. It is seen to be nearly full of milk. Explaining that when the H-BOMB was first tested, rivers many miles distant overflowed their banks and flooded the surrounding countries. The active influence of the H-BOMB caused the river beds to swell with this catastrophic result. "To enable you to follow the course of the river, without straining your eyes" adds the magician, "I use milk instead of water".

The assistant is now asked to fetch another of those deadly hell bombs and in obedience to his master's command he reaches inside the basket and brings out a second inflated balloon. At this point the magician explains that the last time he demonstrated the test the overflow was so great that the water rolled over the feet of those seated in the front row. He warns them to raise their feet off the ground adding "I don't want you to catch cold".

For the second time he signals to his assistant and the balloon explodes. Contrary to expectations instead of swelling and running over the brim of the jug, the milk sinks lower and lower down the jug. More cause for laughter.

TEST Three : Continuing his lecture the magician says "And, of course, I must also remind you that the heat emission from the explosion was so intense and far reaching that severe burns were later found on the body of several Japanese fishermen." A volunteer is sought from amongst the audience and given a tea pot to hold. A third bomb is now exploded and the tea pot gets unbearably hot with steam shooting through its spout. The volunteer is forced to lay it on the table.

TEST Four : "But that is nothing compared to what might happen when the H-BOMB is exploded under water—even the ocean can be set on fire". With these words attention is next directed to a bowl standing on a side stand. The assistant brings out a fourth balloon and holds it in his outstretched hands as before. "Under water I said" . . . snaps the magician. Obediently, the assistant gets on his knees and holds the balloon under the bowl. At the word of command the balloon burst again and flames leap from the bowl. The ocean is now on fire.

TEST Five : The H-BOMB also has a terrific blasted—er I mean a blast effect, explains the wonder worker. For the next test a square sheet of window pane is mounted on a frame. When the next bomb is exploded the glass is shattered.

TEST Six : "I told you at the beginning that anything coming within the influence of this horror bomb simply evaporates" remarks the magicians. "The next test is a really dangerous one and unless we are careful I may become cremated . . . but the show must go on". A paper bag is shown inside and out and then blown up. Magician holds this in his hands. Another balioon is exploded and the bag catches fire. It simply vanishes in a flash.

TEST Seven : Reminding his audience that the might of the H-BOMB is so predominant that much power can be compressed within a comparatively small compass. The magician now instructs his assistant to bring out the special bomb to illustrate his ciaim.

At this point the assistant reaches inside the basket and brings out a smaller balloon of sausage shape variety. The magician picks up a candle and lights it. The spectators are now informed that when the balloon explodes the candle will go out.

In due course the balloon explodes but the flame in the candle still goes on merrily. The magician appears embarrassed and then blows at the flame. Not only does the candle go out in consequence, but the pyramid which resisted several previous explosions from the H-BOMB collapses as well. CURTAIN !

The better informed readers will, of course, understand by what means some of these results are attained. I shall, however, detail the exact procedure employed by me and leave the interested reader to make the necessary modification to comply with per-sonai requirements.

Let us first consider the pyramid. This is five feet high and put together in sections. I had mine made in one piece and then cut it into several sections. Before each performance, the sections are assembled on a low stool. The stool itself is not quite so innocent. Two of its three legs are permanently fixed. The third is merely propped up in position for support. One end of a long length of string is tied to the loose leg and led behind the scenes. It will, now be seen that if the string is pulled, the stool loses balance and results in the collapse of the pyramid.

Now for balloons. You will require altogether seven. The last one should be smaller than the others. While blowing the balloons a mouthful qf smoke from a cigarette is at the same time also injected into them. With the bursting of each balloon a puff of smoke appears and this certainly will make the explosion seem more interesting. These are stored inside a basket.

TEST "One" : The stick used as a pointer is constructed after the manner of the now famiiiar BREAK-A-WAY wand. This is a dealers item and it will not be fair to divulge its secret. Those in possession of the wand can embody the idea into the stick or use the wand itself. However, the greater length of the stick heightens the effect.

TEST "Two" : This is the Miracle Milk Pitcher, commonly known as Evaporated Milk. However, the trick as originally sold will not produce the desired result and will need a bit of doctoring. A small hole must be drilled at the bottom of the gimmick and plugged with a glass stopper. The stopper is tied to a small length of thread. Fill the pitcher with milk as in the original direction that come with the trick until it appears nearly full. Now if the thread is pulled the mifk will flow into the centre of the pitcher and will present the very realistic appearance of visible self diminution. The hole and plug idea is pretty ancient. I came by it over thirty years ago.

TEST "'Three" : The tea pot is the ordinary every day affair and must be given slight attention. Preferably one that is made of metal should be used to safeguard against accidents. A tiny hole is drilled through the knob in the lid. The pot is filled one-third way with water. A chunk of unslaked lime is tied to a piece of string and its free end drawn through the hole in the knob and tied to the handle. This keeps the lime well up against the lid on the inside and prevents premature contact with the water. Before handing the pot to volunteer, the thread is broken to free the lime. Its contact with the water will begin to raise the temperature to an unbearable point. Even smoke will start to flow eventually through the spout.

TEST "Four" : This is the usual firebowl effect with a slight modification. A metal ash bowl with a revolving cup on top is ideal for this purpose. The original purpose of the cup is to tilt the cigarette butts into the bowl. I got a large one from the tobacconist. However, a hole was drilfed in the knob at the side which operates the cup and a length of cotton tied to it. The other end is led under the table. Pour a little water in the bowl and then add some ether or petrol. Within the cup is placed a tiny piece of potassium When the assistant carries the balloon under the table according to magician's instruction, he pulls on the cotton to tilt the potassium into the bowl. This action is synchronised with the bursting of the balloon.

TEST "Five" : At the precise moment the glass is shattered with a slug fired through a gun from the wing.

TEST "Six" : The paper bag is constructed out of flash paper. Another piece is stuck inside to form a pocket. Within this pocket place a small quantity of equal parrs of Chlorate of Potash and powdered lump sugar. A glass tube no thicker than the ordinary darning needle is filled with Sulphuric Acid and sealed hermetically over the candle flame. The tube is also placed in the pocket. When it is desired to produce the effect the tube is broken from the outside and the entire bag vanishes in a flash.

TEST "Seven" : This brings us to the culminating point of the act. There is hardly anything to explain here. The assistant brings out the last balloon, which as I mentioned before is the smallest of the lot. He bursts the balloon and since the flame in the candle does not go out the assistant leaves in a hurry as though to escape the anger of the magician. The magician in the meantime acts as though he is very much embarrassed at the failure of this test and then suddenly blows at the flame. The assistant behind the scene gives a tug to that string and the pyramid will come tumbling down.

There now remains but only one little thing to explain. The bursting of the balloons. After tying the mouth of each balloon push a pin through the strands of the string. Thus it will be seen that each time the assistant brings out a balfoon he already has a pin in a convenient spot to get at for the bursting.


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which incidentally was different from the one I described in detail in JINX No. 129 under "SUSPENSAMUS". The advertisement of my "MAGNETIC RICE" appeared in all American magazines at the time and the descriptive matter amongst other things also specified that properties consist of UNPREPARED LEAD PENCIL, FOUR KNITTING NEEDLES and clear GLASS VASE. No knife at all was needed in the version.

It was, as a matter of fact, my friend Johnny Piatt who sent me the page from Hugard's monthly and in his covering letter he said (quote) "Like Farelli I tried to do the trick as described in Major Branson's book, but was never successful until you showed me the trick in Calcutta".

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