The Foreman Goes To Work Or Electric Matches

(Two methods).

EFFECT.—A match is laid on the palm of the left hand about an inch and a half away from the little finger, with the plain end ex-fending about a quarter of an inch over the edge of the hand. The head of the match is, therefore, pointing towards the left thumb. Another match is held by the plain end between the thumb and forefinger of the right hand. The latter match is rubbed vigorously on the left coat sleeve and is then held just below the overhanging end of the first match. See Fig. 17. Whilst in this position, a stroking movement is made by rubbing the match in the right hand against the match on the left palm. Suddenly the match on the left palm jumps high in the air, without the cause being apparent.


PRESENTATION AND PATTER.—"May I show you a Trade Union Trick—with Strikers —or Matches! This one is tired so lays down on the job."

Lay the first match on the left palm as described above.

"The other item I use is another Match. This one is the Foreman. He sees the first striker idling in the shade of the palm, and is, of course, rubbed up the wrong way."

Now rub second match on the left coat s'eeve.

"This causes friction and a heated argument. The Foreman says, 'Get up them stairs', or perhaps he comes from 'arrow and accordingly says, 'ascend that perpendicular escalator'! Whatever he says, the striker gets a kick in the pants and puts a jerk into it. Whatever 'it' may be".

As this is said the second finger of the left hand is brought in contact with the extreme edge of the end of the match and by means of a little flick upwards the head of the match causes the other match to jump in to the air.


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