The Flying Joker

Having a rope routine act, I had a desire to finish it off with a spectacular effect on the lines of the card in balloon, and have evolved the following trick, which provides an original and suitable finish to my act.

EFFECT.—A pack of cards is shuffled and a member of the audience is asked to choose one. This he places in an envelope freely chosen from a dozen or so offered to him, and seals the flap. This is initialled by the spectator and placed on the performer's table.

A length of rope is now exhibited with an ordinary bulldog clip threaded on to it. This rope is suspended in the air across the stage, with the clip in the middle. The Joker from the pack is now suspended in mid air from the clip, face outwards.

The performer now tells the spectator that he is going to ask the chosen card to fly from the envelope, onto the rope, and he asks spectator to hold the initialled sealed envelope above his head.

The Joker is now turned back to audience and the performer asks spectator to say 'Go' and the card will vanish from the envelope.

The spectator still feeling his card in the envelope says nothing has happened, but, on opening the envelope the enclosed card is the Joker, and the spectator himself can go to the rope and remove the previously chosen card, which is now suspended from the clips.

EXPLANATION. A duplicate joker is sealed in an envelope and placed at the bottom of a dozen others, so that the bottom two or three envelopes have the flap sides reversed. A card is forced by any method and sealed in a freely chosen envelope from the pile. This is now put on top of the other envelopes and when performer turns to place them on his table, the pile is reversed, so

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