The Flower

A "Vampire11 Exclusive. Originated by Len Belcher

Here is a really delightful item for kiddies, and one which will score heavily in your Coronation Shows.

This is a trick with a fairy tale story which will entrance the children, as it is not too essentially young. A large stand is on your table, with a row of trees on it, and the fairies are sad because the flowers in their forest have failed to grow. One day, one fairy has a bright idea. First she causes night to fall (put night effect screen in front). Then when the stars come out she sweeps up the stardust and sprinkles it around the trees. Then the fairy waves her wand and it is morning again . . . and the lovely flowers have grown just- as they should. (Screen removed).

All the other fairies were so pleased with her that they decided to give her a present, and they bought a lovely flower bowl . . . like this. (Show bowl). They picked the flowers, and put them in the bowl . . . and took them to the house of the clever fairy, covered over with this large silk to make it a surprise. As they stood outside the house . . . they decided to make her the "Queen of the Flowers"', so they used their 'magic', and when the flower bowl next came in sight ... IT LOOKED LIKE THIS (HERE YOU SHOW IT IS TRANSFORMED INTO A BEAUTIFUL CROWN . . . WITH THE FLOWERS STILL IN IT!).

You can place this on the head of the child who is helping you.

"And now boys and girls, would you I ke to see the Flower Queen herself ? Yes ! All right then, here she is . . . hiding behind the screen. (You hold up the screen, and draw out a cutout wooden figure 22 inches high!! She is beautifully painted and all in full colours, with the f!owers). (See photographic illustration).

PLEASE NOTE.—The figure collapses automatically for packing. Every part is practically flat and takes up little room. Stand with trees

is nearly 20 inches wide . . . and very showy. Figure stands up alone. One or two children help in the action, such as sweeping etc. and there is plenty of scope for fun all through.

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