The False Throw

For those of you who may wish to exhibit the three card trick AND TO DECEIVE AN AUDIENCE EVERY TIME THE CARDS ARE THROWN ON THE TABLE the false throw must be practiced until it can be performed perfectly. Hold the two cards in the right hand in the position shown in Fig. 2. The queen faces the audience. Now place the tip of the third finger (marked "x" in Fig 2) against the corner of the queen and lift that card clear of the second finger. You will now find rhat with a swift downward turn of the wrist the card above the queen (eight of dubs) will automatically be released and will fall face down on the table.

As the top card falls on the table, immediately replace the 2nd fingertip on the Queen at the same time removing the 3rd. finger-tip. The position, of fingers therefore is EXACTLY THE SAME as they were when holding the original two cards, (i.e. between the thumb and the second fingertip). A keen eyed observer will see no change in the holding of the cards and the illusion is complete. When the throw has been tried our a number of times the changing of the fingers will become automatic.

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