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The first English edition of my little book, "Lend Me Your Pack," was published by the late Edward Bagshaw in 1936, and, at that time, the method I described was probably one of the best then in existence. Subsequently, scores of other systems—good, bad and indifferent—appeared in various English and American books and magazines. Had one the time and the inclination, there is now sufficient material available to compile an Encyclopaedia of Double Lifts and Double Card Turn-overs and the multifarious tricks and routines based thereon. But who would buy a work of that nature, even in America ?

In 1951, Monsieur Maurice Sardina, author of "Where Houdini was wrong", brought oui, under the title of 'Avec Un )eu Emprunté", a translation of "Lend Me Your Pack", and in it he explained an improved method of performing the Double Card TurnOver, a method that I had worked out some years previously. It is similar to the one described by me in 1936.

The reader is not asked to believe that it is "the greatest method that the world has ever seen", but I can truthfully state that it has been admired by many magicians in England and elsewhere. When the sleight is properly executed, even an expert cannot tell —with any degree of certainty—whether one card or two have been turned face up on top of the pack.

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