The Elusive Blades

The sleight that is commonly known to magicians now as the 'PADDLE' move must have been evolved by some ancient wizard much before the present or perhaps even the last century. Despite its primeval ancestry it still continues to provide magical enthusiasts with a straight and simple time tested subterfuge for defeating the vigilant eyes of the spectators.

The 'PADDLE' move today is regarded as one of the definite principles of magic and has been applied in many different ways for the promotion of mystery. The COLOUR CHANGING KNIVES, for one, is a comparatively recent development of the principle handed down to us. Who it was, to first identify the sleight with the knives I cannot say. Like all good things, the fashion soon spread and magicians the world over have developed their respective systems of applying the knowledge to suit individual personality. I was no exception.

At the close of the last war I had contributed my own routine of the effect to our American contemporary and it was published in the 'GENII' in February. 1950. This 1 had done from my home in India. However, during my travels abroad several years later I had encountered at least THREE magicians outside the country who claimed to have originated some of the features of my OWN personal evolution. This has induced me now to present to the readers of my department in the "Magic Magazine" my correct treatment of the COLOUR CHANGING KNIVES which I call "THE ELUSIVE BLADES".

In my routine, I use the regular set of THREE knives. Two unprepared and one gim-micked. Presuming that your outfit consists of BROWN and IVORY handled knives, they are disposed of as follows.

A rubber band is first wound around the tapered end of the regular 'Ivory' handled knife. It is then hung inside the top of the right trouser pocket with a safety pin. Fig 1 shows how this is done. The regular BROWN handled knife is then slid under the watch band around the left wrist as you will see in Fig. 2. These make the simple preliminary set-up. The routine is divided into six distinct phases, and each will be explained in its own place.

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