The Effect

A "stable" is introduced—this is opened and inside is seen a card bearing the picture of a saucy looking Donkey. This is taken out, stood in front and stable door then closed. A folder (introduced as a barn) is next shown and from this is taken a picture card of a Farmer, then a picture card of a carrot. A story is told—and the Donkey is enticed over to the barn, by means of the carrot. Then all three cards are put into the folder, the story continues and it is time for the Donkey to be handed over to its new owner.

Although the Donkey wouldn't usually go, he has certainly gone now—for he cannot be found and to prove it performer removes the Farmer card, then the carrot card, and peeping into folder, he says the Donkey has gone ! !

But children have noticed the edge of a card sticking out of the end of the folder, which performer quickly pushes back. Children demand to see it. It is then taken out, but seen to be blank. Loud cries of 'turn it over" etc., come from the children, and when this is done they read the words—"Sorry—No Donkey".

Folder is then dropped open to show perfectly empty—the Donkey really has gone. Performer says Donkey has gone back to his stable. He opens door to show, but no Donkey. A search is made, then children start shouting "There he is", for he is found hiding at the back of the stable.

Although the methods used are old—the above never fails to register and the children really enjoy shouting out. (This is a really worth while effect to make up).

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