The Effect

Four cut out televison puppets are displayed, these are taken to pieces and all the parts are put into a cloth bag and given to a child helper to hold, another bag which hangs on a rod is also shown empty and given to another child to hold.

Four cards are now taken and the name of each puppet is written down, one name on each Sard, as the children shout out the names. One is then chosen, and the name called out.

Performer then explains that he proposes to pass the pieces of the chosen puppet from the one bag to the other, and in the process to make the puppet whole again. A pop gun is now picked up and another child is asked to hold it, until performer is ready. At this point much fun is had (see working). The gun is taken away and a Breakaway Gun or Bang Gun takes its place, and more fun follows, until finally the deed is done.

Performer goes to second bag and on removing it a mixed up puppet is seen (such as parts of Hank and parts of Flower Potman) hanging on the rod which child holds. This causes a big laugh. Bag again put on rod held by helper, and the mixed up puppet put in first bag. Performer explains that the reason for the error is that they didn't say the magic word, which is "Puppet Legs and Lollipops".

Helper is handed a wand and requested to say the magic word (more fun here for the Wand is a Breakaway one), however helper is eventually given a genuine wand and all the children are asked to say the magic word—"Puppet Legs and Lollipops". Upo.n going to bag the chosen puppet is found complete, hanging on the rod. The helpers are given a good hand clap which brings this fine effect to a close.

REQUIREMENTS.—Seven cut out card puppets, such as two Mexican Petes, Two Flowerpot-men, 2 of Sooty and one Hank—(These can be got at Stores and toy shops at 1/- each). Also required, a cheap pop gun, a cheap cap gun, a Breakaway Wand, an ordinary wand— a Breakaway Gun or Bang Gun (the latter three items most children's performers have), a packet of

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