The Double Card Turnover And The Double Lift

Nearly fifteen years ago, I wrote the following lines in "The Sphinx":

"Within rhe last few years, I have received many letters from magicians, experts and novices, on the subject of card manipulation, and I am surprised how few of them know the difference between the Double Card Turn-Over and the Double Lift".

"In rhe Double Lift two cards are removed together from the top of the deck and displayed in the right hand as one card."

In the Double Card Turn-Over, however, the two cards (supposed to be one only) are not removed from the deck at all. The double card is merely turned face upwards on top of the deck and held there (overlapping it) with the left thumb ..."

"Generally speaking, it may be said thai the Turn-Over is more illusive than the Lift, although, of course, there are occasions when the latter should be used."—("The Sphinx", December 1938, page 247).

The difference between the Lift and the Turn is emphasized by Wilfrid Jonson in his book on card tricks, "But Not to Play" (Doge 24).

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