The Double Card Turnover And The Double Lift

Within recent years, I have met hundreds of conjurers, and I have received many letters from experts and novices on the subject of card manipulation: it is really amazing how few of them know the difference between the two sleights named above !

In rhe Double Lift, two cards are removed together from the top of the pack, and displayed in the right hand as one card. They are usually held—at the narrow ends— between the thumb and middle finger. In some versions, however, the "double card" is gripped—by one corner—between the thumb and forefinger of the right hand.

But in the Double Card Turn-Over, the two cards (supposed to be one only) are NOT removed from the pack at ali. The "double" card is merely turned face upwards on the fop of the pack and held there (overlapping it) with the left thumb.

Generally speaking, it may be said that the "turn-over" is more illusive than the "life", although, of course, there are times when the latter must be used.

In a footnote to his translation of "Lend Me Your Pack", Sardina remarks: "FareTTi is probably the first writer to have drawn the attention of the magical fraternity to the most important difference between the two sleights, and, over a decade ago, he contributed a short article on that matter to the columns of "The Sphinx". See page 247 in the December (1938) issue of that periodical".

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