The Doggie

On the market is a silk effect known as "Hot Dogs". This is actually the change from a Printed Picture Silk to a string of sausages. Looking for some other routine for this prop, I devised the following.

Detach the sausages from the silk, which has a smart looking Doggie printed thereon. Place this silk into a changing bag, and if you don't have such a thing, then you can use a mirror glass. Beside the silk you will need a small printed card

(Continued overleaf)


as they were carefully examined. The peculiar part was that neither the person inside the coffin, nor the audience, could hear a sound. Later other requests were made and played in a similar manner. Also questions spoken into the phone were answered by one of the Island Fairies, who are popularly supposed to be responsible for most of the local good and bad happenings. It was all very mysterious and eventually the medium was released from his bed in the coffin, none the worse, and none the wiser for his experience.

On Monday evening a selection of the same artistes were on the bill, with myself taking the place of Fabian, who had to return home. Graham Adams also had to leave, and Ching Tao Ling came over from Liverpool, with his lovely lady assistant, to present his colourful and gracefully performed Chinese Mandarin Act. This made a welcome and much appreciated addition.

I have left until last, what was the most important happening and that was the ceremony of installing TOM HARRIS as President of the

Magicians of Mann for the ensuing year. The retiring President, Goodliffe, performed the business, and our Tom was completely overwhelmed.

Incidentally, we heard from Dr. Cannon's recorder, a very warm and sincere message of welcome to all present from Dr. Zina Bennett, whom you will no doubt remember, was over last year. We all recorded in turn our greeting to friend Zina. for Dr. Cannon to send back to the States. Wilfred Bennett, of Wizard's Den in Liverpool, was over on the Island on business, and was around during some of the shows. He also offered as guest artiste, a well received routine of Card Effects on the Monday Evening Show, which show was put on owing to public demand for more tickets than were previously available.

There is no doubt of the popularity of the Enchanted Hall, and of the Magical Shows held there, and certainly the magic seen there will have given the islanders much food for thought and talk, in the months to come. The thanks of all of us are due to Dr. Cannon for his very kind and generous hospitality. —M.A.


which reads:— "SORRY ! I AM NOT FOR SALE". This is placed in the bag alongside the silk.

You will also need a few coloured silks, one for each of the colours shown on the Doggie silk, such as red, green, white, yellow, blue, and, if possible, a black silk.

Show these silks one at a time and place them into the hands of a girl you have brought up from the audience. She is instructed to tie them corner to corner and to roll them up into a ball. Having done this they are placed into the changing bag.

Now get all the kiddies to sing "How much is that doggie in the window", and when they are cheesed off singing their heads off, and you are cheesed off listening to them, get the little girl to place her hand in the bag to see what has happened.

She brings out the Doggie Silk which you open out for display and at the same time thank the children for helping you to do a trick. The bag is again offered to the girl and this time she brings out the printed card, from which you read out the words aloud and say how sorry you are that no one can buy.

Not much magic in it, but quite good entertainment for the kiddies. The Doggie Silk, I believe, can be bought with the sauasages attached. (Excuse me butting in, Johnny, but "Hot Dogs" can be obtained. From Max, complete with silk and sausages, 18/6. George Blake).

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