The Dissolving Ball

THE DISSOLVING BALL—A large red glass ball is shown and passed for examination. It is then dropped into a clear tumbler. An open tube is then put over the tumbler. Water is poured into the tumbler through the top of the tube. When the tube is lifted, the ball is no longer to be seen. The water is also red, having apparently dissolved the solid glass sphere.


Method—A la the "Demon Tumbler", you require a celluloid fake to fit the tumbler. This fake is only a tube with one end prepared by having thread sewn over it as shown in the diagram 'B'. At the beginning of the trick, the feke is in the tumbler 'A'. Being of clear celluloid, it does not reveal itself. The glass ball will strike the bottom of the real tumbler when dropped into it. To vanish the ball you have only to lift the fake with the tube which is over the glass, The red liquid is nothing but our old friend, the 'Wine and Water' effect.

The fake containing the ball may be dropped into a well and the red liquid drunk if you use the pheriolphthalein method.

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