The Chameleon Ball

Tricks which bring about changes in colour are always popular with children and adults. Usually there is only one change. Here, then, may I introduce a triple change? The main point about this trick is that no shells or fakes in the ordinary sense are used. Yet there is a minimum of manipulation and precious little s:eight of hand.

A ball is made to change its colour from red o green, to white and then to yellow. Before and after each change the ball is shown all round.

You require just two balls, one yellow and one white. You also require two pieces of baltaon rubber—one red and one green. Save the burst balloons for this.

Take the yellow ball and stretch over it the red piece of balloon rubber. You must stretch it tightly over the ball and tie it with red thread. Cut off all surplus rubber with scissors. The ball is to all appearances a red ball now. In a similar manner stretch and tie the green balloon-rubber over the white ball.

To perform, you palm one bail, say the "green" in your left hand. Show the "red" ball in your right hand. By means of an acquitment you can show both hands empty excepting the visible ball. Then you execute any well-known change, causing the ball to be green. Hold this ball in your right hand in such a way that the projection caused by the tying of the rubber is clipped be'ween the fingers. The thumb is resting on the ball. Turn the right hand so that its back is to the audience

and give it a shake or two. At this moment your thumb-nail scratches the balloon rubber which bursts over the ball and is hidden now between the ball and your fingers. When you turn your right palm to audience again, the ball is now seen to be white.

When the above moves are taking place, your left hand is by no means idle. It is also holding its ball in a similar manner and bursting the rubber balloon cover so that the yellow ball is free .

Now bring up left hand to the right and by means of the orthodox colour-change, you change the white ball to the yellow. The two little bits of rubber can remain concealed all the time in the hands.

If you have done the stretching and tying of the rubber properly, there will be only a little bit of rubber to bother you . Use only a good quality of balloon rubber. Cheap balloons are not satisfactory.

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