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Here is a little idea of mine which may appeal to some of our readers, which can be used in entertaining children or adults.

The idea is that a card (or cards) having been selected, returned and shuffled into the pack, are then placed inside the square shaped barrei of the magician's 'cannon'. The magician then fires the cannon, shooting the chosen card or cards into the audience.

The gun can be made to fire one or more cards depending on the requirements of the magician. Hence, one or more cards will be selected by the audience, the choice being entirely free. These cards must, however, be secretly brought to the top of the pack before placing the pack inside the cannon.

A glance at the sketch will give you an idea of the construction of the gun. It will be noticed that the top of the barrel has a lid. This actually has two purposes. These are: (a) It can be opened to show the works, (b) It acts as a cover to the action of sliding the top cards back a little as soon as the pack has been placed inside the barref.

When the lid has been closed and the gun fired only the top projecting cards will be shot off.



Hooray! Enter the performer amid a burst of applause. He has a newspaper in his hand, and three silks (red, white and blue) poking out from his "show-pocket".

He dexterously rolls the paper into a cylinder; then he pokes the three silks (in the order red, then white, then blue) into the cylinder.

He then says "I am going to turn these three handkerchiefs, red, white and blue, into something EVERY FIGHTING MAN HAS LEARNED TO LOVE AND RESPECT !"—He unroils the cylinder and in p'ace of the silks is A BOTTLE OF BÉER ! !

All you need for this gag is a Latex Beer Bottle from Max, three silks (red, white and blue)—you, of course, enter with the bottle held by the fingers behind the newspaper. You fashion the paper into a cylinder round the bottle. The three silks, course, go inside the bottle.

I have used this item with a fair measure of success, when compering shows in the past, and pass it on to you "So that thou might go and do likewise"—incidentally a few chords from the pianist helps.


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1 asked him what induced him to take up conjuring. He said that his father was a professional conjurer and he has followed his father's footsteps. When Ken was a little boy he always wanted to become a mime actor, not a conjurer, but a film star. When he saw that was hopeless, he used to be a great follower of Charlie Chaplin and the Marx Brothers and loved their style of acting and facial expressions and now he acts as a drunkard mime conjurer with really extraordinary facial expressions. He says he gets more laughs out the audience by this than by patter.

He believes that if a conjuror has any acting ability, no matter how well he does his tricks, he will sooner or later make a name for himself. One thing he says, that is important, do not show a night club audience complicated tricks. They want to be amused, not bewildered. Once the conjurer has perfected his tricks he should have a large mirror in his room and concentrate on his facial expressions and acting ability, for it is very necessary for him if he wants to become a first class performer.

Ken is indeed a very likeable fellow, and has made himself very popular here in a very short space of time, owing to his great personal charm. We wish him the best of luck.

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