The Borrowed Note

This is again another variation of production either of a silk square or length of ribbon. From the spectator's point of view, the whole thing seems to take place in the hands of one of them. This too, is quite natural in execution, so much so, that no clue is offered as to how the result was brought about.

The silk square is concealed at the start inside the tip. The tip is worn on the right thumb. Call for the loan of a note. When one is proffered, accept it in the left hand and immediately pass it to the right. The right hand displays the note as in Figure 8, thumb at the back and first finger in front. Snap the note with the left middle finger, then turn it over to exhibit the back. However, under cover of this action, the left thumb presses on the tip which enables the right to slip out and help in the complete turnover of the note. Figure 9 clarifies this stage of the effect.

The note is now wound around the tip in the shape of a tube. Two rubber bands are next produced, and placed one at each end of the tube, which is then placed between the palms of a spectator. From all appearances you have merely rolled a borrowed note into the shape of a tube, secured it with two rubber bands and then entrusted it in the care of a spectator !

From this point onwards, the routine is up to the individual's requirements and taste. You either introduce a duplicate silk or produce one from the air as described for the one hand production. Vanish it into the tip again disposing of it at the same time. As an alternative you could omit the production-from-the-air prelude and merely make passes in the direction of the rolled note which is in the hands of the spectator. Take the note tube away, reach in and slowly withdraw the silk.

The rubber bands are next removed one at a time. Whilst removing the second band with the left hand, the right thumb is slid into the tip. This hand takes the bands and replaces them in your pocket, getting rid of the thumb tip at the same time. The note is opened out. shown both sides and handed back to owner.

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