That Missing Tramp

As soon as someone calls your attention to the fact that there is only one 'tramp' (if no one does, then notice it (?) yourself) immediately set about to remedy matters. With the box in hand, show first one hand empty, then the other. Take the box between the fingers of both hands, the ends pointing left and right and slowly revolve the box between the fingers, as you draw attention to the top, the edge, the bottom and the second edge.

Then push open the drawer with the left thumb, taking the drawer and its matches in the right hand. The drawer is held by the first finger and thumb only, the thumb on the upper edge of the drawer and the first finger underneath. The tip of the finger also keeps in place the hidden match, as the drawer is withdrawn from the cover.

Show the cover to be empty, then rattle the matches to show that they are loose and replace the drawer. BUT, as this is done, the right finger tip pivots the hidden match slightly over towards yourself, so that the match head almost shows at your side of the box. This is done to make sure that the hidden match goes outside the cover when the latter is replaced. The finger tip still keeps a hold on the match, and, indeed, when the cover is finally home, it will be found that the finger and thumb now hold the complete box.

Without disturbing the match under the box, the latter is placed on the left palm, the box is tapped with the right hand and lifted to disclose —the match. This match is placed down upon the table alongside the single one already there and all is set to commence the story proper of the Tramps and the Ducks.

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